Welcome to Gladstone Enterprises, LCC, a global environmental services company with over thirty years of expertise and combined experience. My name is Rodney Proctor and welcome to our website. 

I invite you to browse our website to learn about us, our suite of services, and the clients we have served. 
Also be sure to visit and follow our Our Blog where we will be focusing on topics that can make a real difference when it comes to helping assure that people and businesses operate in and contribute to healthy, compliant, and if necessary, remediated environments.  We continue to add to our years of expertise and see the Internet as a great way to share information and to learn more. With modern technology, we can do even more.

For starters take a look at our YouTube-based The Gladstone Enterprises Playlist where we have aggregated and added videos we'd like to share with you and don't be surprised when you YouTube content we've produced in the course of our work.  Enjoy and we welcome you to contact us